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s■ion to HD soon●."Traditionally, Ju◆ne and July are 〓the low season ◆for television sa■les, but this year● we haven't seen a■ny sales decline. T○he Games ha■s been driving HD T●V sales over 〓the past few■ months," said〓 Jiang Wei, ■a salesman● with domest○ic brand Chan◆ghong at Suning.C◆urrently, there〓 are three● HD channe◆ls in Shangha◆i: CHC (HD movie ch〓annel), Xinshijue H○D and CCTV-HD. Duri■ng the Olympic Ga◆mes, CCTV-HD

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wil〓l become an HD◆ Olympic channel◆ with live bro●adcasts of the ev●ents. After〓 the Games, the chan●nel will t

urn into ■a news channel.Ye■ Ping, directo

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○r of industry analy◆sis and retail〓 customs resea〓rch division in○ GfK China, said ◆there are three■ types of ◆

TVs on the mar●ket: Cathod■e Ray Tube (CRT

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), Li■quid Crystal ■Display (LCD) and ●Plasma TV. ●The traditional CRT〓 takes up more than ●70 percent of■ the ma

rket share."M◆ore than 90 percent ●of the

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LCD ◆and Plasma TVs in● the market ■are HD," Ye s〓aid.In stark co〓ntrast to the ●hot sales of ●HD TVs, sales of th●e CRT varie●ty are on the wa■ne. Experts predi○ct CRT TVs wi○ll be gradu〓ally phased out.By○ the end of ■2007, more than 300◆,000 house●holds in Shanghai ha○d installed dig○i

tal cable TV equipm○ent. If only● a fraction of th●

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